LULAC not only works with civic and religious groups, but also works alongside the Unite for Marriage Coalition. The UMC is an organization that works with a strong contingency of Latinos, including the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, the Latino GLBT History Project, and Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement for their LGBT flagship organizations such as The National LGBTQ Task Force ant the Human Rights Campaign. There is usually a pretty strong presence of Latino’s at the rallies, especially those Latino supporters that are part of LULAC.

pride-centerjpgOn both the national and local level, LULAC has been advocating on the forefront for LGBT rights. LULAC National, since 2008, has been issuing resolutions that are member approved that support the repealing of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, supports legislation against hate crimes, and endorses an Employee Non-Discrimination Act that is fully inclusive. When LULAC shows up at the rallies in strong numbers, it is another example of the support they have that is unwavering towards inclusive policies for every Latino. Because of this, support has been given for five new LULAC LBGT councils throughout the United States.

Since Latino families do not fall into one category of fit a specific mold, it is a natural step to support marriage equality through LULAC. The Latino families are diverse and often include aunts, uncles, cousins, sons, and daughters that identify themselves as LGBT. When they want to get married to the one they love, discrimination is not something our family members should have to face. It is a great thing for LULAC to support and embrace their members that are LGBT and make a commitment to ensure that they receive the protections and civil rights that everyone else does.

Despite the labels that are used towards us by others to divide us, through this lens, we will get closer and closer to achieving the mission of LULAC by advancing the housing, political influence, educational attainment, economic condition, civil rights, and health of all Latinos, regardless of their affiliations.


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