LULAC Speaks On Behalf Of The Hispanic Community

LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens is one of the oldest and largest Hispanic civil right organizations that exist in the nation. They condemned the threats that the Texas State representative, Matt Rinaldi issued against his colleagues. They called upon Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to step up as protests were happening. There were racist messages exchanged by his followers as well. Rinaldi started a shouting match in the Texas House of Representatives. He called upon the Latino lawmakers to get the SB4 protestors to be deported. The offensive taunt puts off several state representatives. Rinaldi even used terms like putting a bullet through the head of Poncho Nevarez. His followers issued racist statements as well. With such comments having been issued, it was a time that LULAC stepped in and protected.

Roger C Rocha Jr., the national president of LULAC, stated that Rinaldi and the action of his colleagues were outrageous. They showcased the anti-immigrant and race-based rhetorics that are being used by many politicians these days. What is more troubling is that the rhetorics are converted into law enforcement policies like SB4. With such policies in force, the Texas authorities will be able to stop individuals simply based on skin color and ask for proof of citizenship to be displayed. The law will then encourage marginalization and also stereotype minority communities. Protesters gathered not only to side with the interests of the Latino community but also to show their disdain for SB4 in particular.

In the interests of Latino communities as well as to promote youth based programs across the state of California, LULAC has always been proactive. The organization even filed a lawsuit, first of the kin, against SB4 on May 8th. A small town by the borders of Mexico, El Cenizo, is known to be a safe haven since there has been an ordinance issued since 1999 to prevent city officials from inquiring into the immigration status of people here. The complaint was filed on their behalf on grounds that such a policy violates US Constitution.

The above stance taken by LULAC showcases a strong support of a council to promote and protect the rights of Hispanic families and the youth. There have been recent forums held where concerns about immigration laws under the new presidential regime were also discussed. While federal grants might be affected by such policies, however, LULAC and other bodies working with local communities to ensure that they provide a safe environment for the individuals of different racial and ethnic communities, especially the Hispanic community. With changing political agendas that can adversely affect the well-being of these communities, having an umbrella organization to look after them is vital in different states.