The voting rights ruling that came out on Saturday registered different reactions among the residents of East San Antonio. The 35th Congressional District was the region directly impacted. The voting was at a community empowerment summit that was held at Eastpoint. Here people stated that they were committed to bringing about changes in the political process. There was a passionate crowd that gathered at the Wheatley Community School. They advocated how the neighbors of Eastpoint will be assured of a better future.

The issues that were discussed were education, crime, and transportation. Most talked about the rights to equal representation that these issues should have. Especially when it came to the political spotlight on these issues, many key individuals associated with the process stated that they are hoping that this will bring about inside changes to the communities. Hence, community engagement is necessary. The kind of planning and strategic thinking that have taken place in the room was the first step to having the changes implemented.

The need of the hour is to ensure that the voters know which officials are being elected and to hold them accountable for the same. If the federal court takes up these matters, the process of judgment should be an inclusive one. The map of implementing the changes required should be realistic. It needs to include people and the people who vote should find that their votes and voices have an impact. Other members felt that success can only come about when there is consensus, collaboration, and commitment. When there is collaboration among communities, there would be more impact in any initiative that is taken up. There should be a joint consensus as to what the problems are and how one should address them. When such steps are taken, everyone would be in agreement and commitment would be easier to come by.

There was a statement issued by Lloyd Doggett, who is the Democratic Congressman. He holds the seat in District 35 that represents Eastpoint. He issued a statement, whereby he states that there might be court issues on boundary lines, but he remains committed to serving all constituents under him.


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